But, God Can!

So, when we say that something is impossible, it cannot be done or realized. If something we believe to be impossible is finally understood clearly, it was never impossible. Therefore, to make the impossible possible, is impossible. You cannot make it happen. BUT GOD! I was told in 2014 that I had Cancer and that I needed to prepare myself for the worst to happen. However, when God allows the devil to bother you but not take your life, he has something here on earth that he needs you to do for him. So, the remainder of your time here on earth you are on assignment for God! Since then I have been 7 years cancer free! So I say to you keep the faith, establish a great support group, find a good doctor that listens to you, maintain a good exercise regiment, eat healthy based off your blood type and drink plenty of PH Water.

For help please go to our website at hw3foundation.com.

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