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Spread prostate cancer awareness with author and survivor, Henry H. Washington, III.  


Purchase a copy for all the men in your life - it just may save their life!


American Hero: A Soldier's Story from Combat to Cancer


By Major (Ret.) Henry H. Washington, III MBA


I suppose one could say that every book is an author’s feelings of love for himself but this book is a labor of God’s love for you, the reader.  God has heard my cry and yours from us living in a culture of sexually charged beings.  This book has given me a sense of serenity or calmness about my life and my relationship with women and the Almighty God.  I feel the story of how this book arrived in your hands bears an important message to your heart and your mind. 


I have read many books on Leadership, Critical differences, and Successful Change throughout my life.  I have marched hundreds of Soldiers to war, written many articles on Safety as a Leader, spoken to large crowds on the Societies Path Forward when it comes to our youth today, I grew up going to church and Sunday School every Sunday but nothing made me feel more at peace than talking to my family and friends about my life and their thoughts of me.  I felt nothing but love during every conversation.  I have come a long way in both my professional and personal life.  I have been told in every phase of my life by a person that didn't look like me that I would only be a jock and did not have the mindset to be successful or great.  Many of my accomplishments in life can be attributed to my love for growth and productivity that were inherited and adopted from my grandparents, parents, pastors, football/track coaches and other community mentors who assisted me along the way but I contribute most of my fire and desire to those other individuals that told me I did not have the mindset to be successful or great.  I developed a set of principles early in life, which are considered my roadmap for success. This book will guide you along a successful yet, troubled life and the son of the late SFC (Ret) Henry H. Washington Jr. (Deceased) and Rose Washington.


My Prayer….

“Lord Jesus in heaven, I believe YOU are the Son of God.  I believe you died on the cross for my sins. I believe God raised YOU from the dead and made YOU my Savior.  I confess I am a sinner, and I ask YOU to forgive me and to cleanse me of all my sins.  I accept YOUR forgiveness, and I receive YOU as my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.”


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A Treasure Chest of Life:

The Peace Within

By Major (Ret.) Henry H. Washington, III MBA

I have to say that this book is a deep and expressive one. I have been all over the world and have written poems for almost every occasion in my life. Writing this book of poems has given me a sense of serenity and calmness about my life and my relationship with the Almighty God. 

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Amazon February 21, 2020


A creative writer.

It's very detailed and he inspires me to want to write a book about my life experiences.

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